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Sundays Hall H at SDCC sort of sucks this year. 


1 month ago on July 24th, 2014 | J | 2 notes

SDCC is currently going on.

This time last year, I was there. Hanging out with tumblr peeps. Walking around crazy busy hall. Probably on my way to wait in line for something.

I’m sad I’m not there, because I miss my friends and want to hang with them again. But they’d be the only reason I’d go. 

The stress is not worth it otherwise.

It’s only fun with friends.

1 month ago on July 17th, 2014 | J | 4 notes

Not going to SDCC this year. Which is sad. I like panels and I like seeing everyone and meeting people and I’m gonna miss a Doctor Who tumblr meetup which is sad

but it’s sort of relaxing as well? if that makes sense. I’ve done it before. I’ve (not)slept in Hall H lines. I’ve bought collectors editions of things. I’ve seen Stan Lee.  

I have a lot of fun at SDCC and I love it and I think when it gets closer to the day, I’ll be more sad about not going when my tumblr dash becomes all SDCC-centric, as is likely to happen.

but by not going, and with the money I’d use for SDCC, I’m planning a trip to Chicago and then NYC.

and maybe I’ll go to ECCC instead because I like cons.

so it’s cool.

I’ll live

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7 months ago on January 10th, 2014 | J | 3 notes

the only problem I’m having with all this excitement for the trailer is that it is reminding me of Comic Con and now I’m all sad that I’m not around the group, holding hands and screaming and freaking out at each other with excitement.


9 months ago on November 9th, 2013 | J | 2 notes
this just makes me sad

this just makes me sad

1 year ago on July 25th, 2013 | J | 11 notes

At point at comic con, when I was walking alone, there was a couple in front of me and the lady was all, “I don’t understand why Doctor Who is here in the first place. It doesn’t belong at Comic Con’”

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So then this happened in our hotel room at comic con

1 year ago on July 24th, 2013 | J | 42 notes

Another Hall H story

so my camping group was that group of assholes that didn’t sleep the entire night. We started camping at 3:35pm on Saturday and we were mostly going strong (and by strong, I mean loud) at 3am. We continually were barking with laughter. We got lots of dirty looks.

but the best is when, around 2:30am we joked that we should get really excited and yell Misha Collins and troll the line to pretend that he was there, except when we jokingly said Misha rather loudly at one point, people woke up and popped up like meerkats and started looking around excitedly

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